Emulsion and The Japanese Garden Centre were invited back by The Shard to create a new garden for this year’s Wellness Week: an annual initiative celebrating wellness in the workplace for occupiers of the building.

The installation is again inspired by geometry: last year the motif was the unity of the circle, and this year the garden is square in shape, symbolising the structural and physical world within the setting of The Shard. The diagonal layout is echoed by granite setts, following the East-West path of the sun. Platforms and stepping stones invite you to explore and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of a small-scale landscape, full of detail and lush greenery. 

The project enabled us again to work closely with garden specialists, The Japanese Garden Centre on this cross-disciplinary collaboration, to create a space of tranquility and contemplation in the reception area, our urban and architectural take on the traditional Zen garden.

The resulting installation was a place not only for seminars, meditation and yoga sessions, but also a retreat in which to pause and appreciate, to reconnect with the self and the space, within the working environment of the Shard.

Photography by Holly Wren.




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