Emulsion were delighted to be asked by Leo Lourdes from Yogasphere to co-curate a temporary area at The Shard for the building’s Wellness Week: an annual initiative celebrating wellness in the workplace for their occupiers.

Responding to the angular geometry of the Shard and taking inspiration from the work of sculptor-landscape architect Isamu Noguchi, we used the wholeness of the circle as a motif for our garden, which was populated with carefully placed elements. These included a 3 metre high Asa tree, set against the backdrop of a Patrick Caulfield artwork which permanently hangs in the space, and natural “scholar stones” – organic forms carved by the action of waves after being immersed for many years in the waters of Lake Taihu in the Yangtze Delta.

Photography by Jodi Redhouse, garden installation by The Japanese Garden Centre.





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