Clerkenwell is home to countless architects, designers and creatives including Emulsion, but most of us rarely take the time to notice our surroundings. So, for this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week 2018, we invite you to reconnect with our neighbourhood in different ways, with the help of two dear and talented friends, Mr Londoner and Natalie Cristal Morrison. Both will take a select group of us on a unique journey.

Mr Londoner is the writer, lecturer and speaker Antony Robbins, formerly a director of the Museum of London, and all-round London cultural expert. See Clerkenwell in an entirely new way with Mr Londoner: his walking tour “In Sickness and in Health” dives into both the life-giving spa waters of Clerkenwell and the grim history of Smithfield as a place of execution.  Along the way well explore Marx and his Manifesto, discuss apothecaries’ cures, executioners’ methods and re-live some of film and TVs better moments.

Natalie Cristal Morrison Yoga is our yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher and an advocate for personal, corporate and social change for the well-being of society and the environment.
Natalie will lead a spatial meditation session which explores how mindful movement and meditation can help us connect more intimately with our environment, enhancing the way we experience and appreciate space.

Tuesday 22 May 12pm
“In Sickness & In Health” walking tour with Mr Londoner X Emulsion
Wednesday 23 May 12pm
Spatial meditation session with Natalie Cristal Morrison X Emulsion
Thursday 24 May 10am
“In Sickness & In Health” walking tour with Mr Londoner X Emulsion

Each session will last 1 hour. Places are limited, so rsvp to join us at:

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