Read about Yen-Yen’s take on practical meditation, and well-being at home through ‘functional minimalism’, in an interview for the Greenwich Peninsula’s magazine “The Peninsulist”.

Yen-Yen Teh, co-founder of design-led architecture practice Emulsion, knows when to stop, breathe and prioritise her wellbeing. A born and bred Londoner of Chinese-Malaysian descent, she lives in Clerkenwell, so she’s all too familiar with the trials of city-dwelling – smaller living spaces, packed commutes and the constant rush.

“Everybody’s increasingly mindful of how they are living physically and mentally. When we work on interiors for people’s homes it tends to be about trying establish how to bring the best out of someone’s life – how you live in the space, rather than how it’s decorated.”

Read the full article here.

The Peninsulist is a magazine all about life on the Greenwich Peninsula, produced by Knight Dragon. Emulsion have designed two exhibitions about the future development of this new part of London: featuring Peninsula Place and a celebration of the whole peninsula.

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