The Apple Store Regent Street hosted a Pecha Kucha with all the architects involved in the RIBA Regent Street Windows project.

Here are the images from our one minute presentation!

“L’Occitane asked us to make our window display a showcase for their product which is made from the everlasting Immortelle flower from rocky Corsica.  So we drew inspiration variously from the landscape, neverending patterns in mathematics and geometry in nature, oils and chemistry, skin patterns and moire effect – to transform the shopfront into a portal that frames the product display and welcomes you into the store.

Here are some images of our design process and development – drawings, prototyping and rigorous testing, including the artwork for the hanging panels, each with precisely-designed triangular cut-outs.

The overnight install had to take place in strict linear order as we were working in the confined space of the shopfront: the hanging of the independent acetate panels, installation of LED lighting in between, the application of the vinyl triangles to the glazing, and finally the careful positioning of the bottles.

The finished installation is an eye-catching and intriguing environment which the bottles inhabit – floating between the ephemeral panels, and presented on lightbox plinths – enveloped by the mass of triangular patterns.”



Installation photography by Agnese Sanvito & Emulsion.



490_140916_APPLEpres_final.001 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.002 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.003 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.004 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.005 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.006 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.007 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.008 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.009 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.010 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.011 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.012 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.013 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.014 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.015 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.016 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.017 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.018 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.019 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.020 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.021 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.022 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.023 490_140916_APPLEpres_final.024

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