Our “Highline for London” proposes a linear network at street level, connecting existing green spaces, creating possibilities for new ones: a “Green Walk” for London.

Kingsland Road- one of the oldest streets in England is a major vehicular route into London. Historically, the area was home to market gardens and brickfields, and now houses a culturally diverse and thriving community. We propose to foster and further initiatives and activities of the local population- promoting potential for localised food growing, urban gardens and public spaces.

Our route links the Geffreye Court Estate and the empty “TFL- surplus” plot opposite Dalston Junction Station.

A series of interventions occupy specific sites along this route, catagorised under a set of criteria:
-Existing green spaces, currently under-utilised/unmaintained
-Existing spaces that could be transformed into new green spaces and subsequently initiate new community activities
-Public footways, cycle lanes and existing local routes/connections
-Empty sites to house temporary or pop up activities

Our interventions include:
-Community gardens/allotments- permanent and temporary
-A revitalised market encouraging local community trade
-An urban orchard and public park
-Transformation of the under-used semi private green spaces
-Enabling the creative arts within within the public realm, for example: open-air screen
-Clarity of surface treatment to local routes, footways and carriageways

Kingsland Greenway is a template for enthusiastic small-scale urban interventions that celebrate and support existing activities, which could spread to create a wider green infrastructure that realises the potential of local community.

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