We were excited to have been commissioned to design the temporary structure for the inaugural BFC Rock Vault at London Fashion Week, on the terrace at Somerset House.

Rock Vault is an exhibition space, sponsored by the International Palladium Board, curated by the creative director of Garrard, Stephen Webster, showcasing the best of today’s young jewellery design talent including Hannah Martin and Jordan Askill.

Inspired by palladium’s qualities of strength and lightness, we designed a wrapped scaffolding structure, a gently articulated form which subtly plays with scale and perspective, strongly lit so that silhouettes express its construction through the skin. In Stephen Webster’s words, it is a “custom built iconic and unavoidable structure” !

The entrance to the Rock Vault is through a beautifully faceted portal, which references the intricate and accurate craft of gemstone cutting.

We also designed the Palladium Visions display, inside which are suspended five beautiful concept pieces made from palladium metal – the finalists in the design competition run in conjunction with MA Design and Jewellery course at CSM.

A huge thank you to Admiral who built and sponsored the framework, Pro Access and Treend for the construction, and to the events production company Blonstein & Associates and the BFC for supporting our vision. We are extremely proud to have been involved in this unique project.

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