Following the success of last year’s tokyobike pop-up store in Spitalfields, this year Emulsion were delighted to be asked again to design this year’s store at Space 54 on Rivington Street.

We have given the Shoreditch streetscape a Tokyo twist, by adorning the former printworks building with Japanese-inspired tokyobike signage.

The vertical banner is printed with a pattern derived from the space inside the bike-frame, and you are welcomed by a ‘noren’ door-curtain/shop sign hanging across the entrance.

The store information includes a Japanese-style map of the local geography featuring landmarks not streetnames.

The interior of the store is deliberately understated, which echoes the ethos of the tokyobike brand: no-nonsense, good design, and honest construction.

The bicycles are displayed simply against plain white walls, to show off the array of colours.  Beautiful Japanese products are arranged on utilitarian workshop shelving.

The basement space is home to the tokyobike mechanic who assembles the bicycles to order – this display of meticulous craftsmanship is part of the tokyobike experience.

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  1. So glad to come accross this, always wondered who did this little pop-up store. Loved it and so sad it’s gone…!


    1. Thank you! Glad you like it. Tokyobike are looking for a permanent site, so watch this space…


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